Spacemacs Tutorials

What is Spacemacs?

It's an Emacs configuration that gives you Vim key bindings, package management, and configuration layers. It's focused on ergonomics, and uses the spacebar for many of its shortcuts. The official site is

spacemacs advantages

Where do I start?

Download the Spacemacs Cheatsheet and start on the tutorials below.

Some of the tutorials below are specific to Windows, but the general concepts and shortcuts apply to other operating systems.

  1. How to Install Spacemacs on Windows
  2. How to close the Spacemacs install log window
  3. How do I open a file in Spacemacs?
  4. How do I save a file in Spacemacs?
  5. How do I create a new file in Spacemacs?
  6. How can I switch between files (buffers)?
  7. How to jump back to the previous buffer (file) in Spacemacs
  8. How to change your .spacemacs configuration file
  9. Where is the user config section for Spacemacs?
  10. How to change the font size in Spacemacs
  11. How to increase or decrease the font for a buffer (file) in Spacemacs
  12. How to install the default Spacemacs font on Windows
  13. How to start Spacemacs in a full-screen or maximized window
  14. How to add a layer in Spacemacs
  15. How to quickly jump somewhere in a buffer using Avy (like EasyMotion)
  16. How to create a keyboard shortcut in Spacemacs

Coding in Spacemacs

  1. How to setup a project in Spacemacs
  2. How to edit your Projectile projects list in Spacemacs on Windows
  3. How to comment/uncomment code in Spacemacs
  4. How to setup AG (Silver Searcher) to find text in files in Spacemacs on Windows
  5. How to setup etags for fuzzy symbol searching in Spacemacs on Windows
  6. How to generate etags for a huge project in Spacemacs on Windows
  7. How do I show or hide whitespace in Spacemacs?
  8. How do I convert spaces to tabs in Spacemacs?
  9. How do I convert tabs to spaces in Spacemacs?

JavaScript in Spacemacs

  1. How to setup JavaScript auto-complete in Spacemacs on Windows
  2. How to setup Spacemacs for JavaScript auto-complete and go-to-definition across files


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