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How to Install Spacemacs on Windows

Install Emacs and Git
Find your Emacs Config
Open Explorer and navigate to your home directory. It should contain an .emacs.d directory:
What if I don't see an AppData folder?
It might be a hidden folder. If so, you can show it:
Backup your Emacs Config
Rename the .emacs.d directory to something else:
Download the Spacemacs Config with Git
Open a command prompt and cd to your home directory:
Run the git clone command:
git clone .emacs.d
What if Git can't be found?
If you get this message:
'git' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
then you need to add the Git bin directory (C:\Program Files\Git\bin) to your path. Here's an example of adding a directory to your system path.
Run Emacs for HTTP Updates
Start Spacemacs (Emacs) with the --insecure option from a command prompt:
This is because the default Emacs install seems to have trouble with HTTPS on Windows. Once you've installed Spacemacs, you may want to configure it to avoid HTTPS.
Setup your Preferences
Choose whether you want Vim or Emacs key bindings (I typed vim and pressed enter):
Also, choose which configuration you want (I typed spacemacs and pressed enter):
After setting these options, Spacemacs will download the needed updates.

We're done!
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Byanonymous Anonymous 0 User 0
I followed your tutorial but I was unable to connect to any of the ELPA repositories and so spacemacs is unable to download any of the packages. Any idea what could be wrong? I already have the gnutls dlls in my emacs bin folder and on my path.
Byanonymous Anonymous 0 User 0
Yah, I tried it. Didn't work. The .emacs.d directory ended in C:\Users\MyName\Home\.emacs.d (I did not customize install) Then I did the command-line git install which seemed to work. runemacs.exe --insecure well it reports that--insecure is not a valid option. If you just do runemacs.exe then Emacs comes up as normal. There's no option do do Spacemacs setup nothing. Sorry this is why most of the "free" stuff doesn't work for me, nobody seems to be able to publish clear, working instructions. It's like people do not test at all....
Byanonymous Anonymous 0 User 0
In the latest emacs the .emacs.d should be in your HOME directory (i.e. the one below Users) and not in the Roaming one. But unfortunately I wasn't able to install past my company's proxy. I will try this at home though where I don't have such a draconian environment.
Byanonymous Anonymous 0 User 0
I successfully installed spacemacs on my home laptop! any idea how to install it without internet? aka offline mode, I think about 3 packages : default emacs installer zip, from github, spacemacs package repo from github, are these enough?
Byanonymous Anonymous 0 User 0
Great post! There is small typo in spacemacs clone step, this is correct cmd:
git clone ~/.emacs.d

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