How to fix the Spacemacs 443 Connection Error on Windows

The default Emacs install seems to have trouble with SSL. By default, Spacemacs (built on top of Emacs) uses SSL, so you might see this error:

Warning (initialization): An error occurred while loading

error: Could not create connection to

Temporary Fix to use HTTP

If you've just installed Spacemacs, and do not have a .spacemacs file in your home directory, then you can start Spacemacs (Emacs) with the --insecure option from a command prompt:

shows running runemacs.exe --insecure

Permanent Fix to use HTTP

If you do have a .spacemacs file in your home directory, then you can modify it, setting dotspacemacs-elpa-https to nil:

setting dotspacemacs-elpha-https setting to nil in an editor

It is ideal to use HTTPS, but Emacs doesn't seem to do this by default on Windows. I've read that there are binaries you can download to support HTTPS, but have not done this yet.


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