How to Create an Icon for a Windows Application using IcoFX

I just bought IcoFX ($45 after finding a $5 off coupon) in order to create some simple Windows icons. So far I'm really impressed with it; it is a huge time saver.

Here's what I did:

  1. I opened Inkscape (free vector art program) and created a simple PNG file:

inkscape open with a sample vector image icon I drew

  1. Opened this file in GIMP to add some space around the image:

icon image opened in GIMP image editor

  1. Opened the PNG in IcoFX, and chose Create an icon from the image (it prompts you):

opened the icon image in IcoFX icon editor

IcoFX automatically creates the multi-size icons:

create multiple sizes of the icon in IcoFX

  1. Choose File -> Save As, and now you have a multi-size icon that you can use for Windows applications.

Here's what the icon looks like in my (Win 7) taskbar:

the icon in my Windows taskbar, when the program is run


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