What is Virtual Private Server hosting?

Virtual private server hosting is like owning your own pool. It's not crowded and you have a lot of options.

an empty pool with blue water


You have total control over what you install. For example, you won't be forced to upgrade your version of PHP, as you would be with a shared host.

You also often have dedicated hardware resources (server memory and processing), along with fast solid-state drives, and guaranteed network speeds. This can make your site load a lot faster.


You have to manage everything. If you want to use PHP, then you have to install it. If you're a beginner, you might want to consider shared hosting.

Which VPS provider should I use?

I use Linode, and have been very happy with them. One thing I've liked is that when I've prepaid for 2 years of hosting, they've given me a 15% discount.

I've also considered using Digital Ocean, which is roughly the same price as Linode (unless you're prepaying and get a 15% discount).


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