Installing SWIG on Windows

SWIG is a program that helps wrap C/C++ code so it can be called from higher-level languages (Python, C#, etc).

Installing on Windows is easy:

  1. Download:

shows swigwin-3.0.5 file on the download page

  1. Extract the ZIP file (e.g. C:\swigwin-3.0.5). You'll see swig.exe:

shows swig.exe in Windows explorer

  1. Add the directory to your path:

shows the path to the swigwin-3.0.5 directory being added to the system path

Done. You can test by running SWIG from a command prompt:

shows swig being executed at a command prompt


June 19, 2020 20:06

This tutorial is simple but absolutely useful! Almost every answer I've seen on Stack Exchange and even on documentations talk about "setting the environment variable on your path" but don't actually explain what this means. It's probably a standard thing to know, but as someone who is new to a lot of this stuff, this post was VERY helpful in linking everything together in my mind. Thank you...

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