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How to quickly jump somewhere in a buffer using Avy (like EasyMotion)

One way to navigate around a buffer (file) quickly is to use Avy. It comes with Spacemacs.
How to jump to the beginning of a word
Press SPACE SPACE in an open file:
You'll see a prompt appear, asking you for a character:
Choose a word in the buffer (e.g. Rectangle). Type the first letter of that word (r). You'll see all of the words starting the r highlighted, with another letter in their place:
If you type the highlighted letter, you will jump directly to that word!
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Byanonymous Anonymous 0 User 0
maps to M-x now ? I can not find the avy word.
Byjasonj Anonymous 0 User 0
Space j w maps to avy word now. Sorry, I need to update some of these bindings.
Byanonymous Anonymous 0 User 0
I concur--- SPC-j-w maps to avy word now. Was super confused as I am a newbie, but now it makes sense as a mnemonic "Jump-Word". SPC-j-j is for jumping to a character (doesnt make sense mnemonically) and SPC-j-J is for jumping to a pair of characters (i.e.: SPC-j-J-[char1]-[char2] (also doesnt make sense mnemonically)

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