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CEF Tutorials

The Chromium Embedded Framework is a C/C++ Chromium wrapper that can help embed a browser into an application.

Many of these examples were demonstrated at OpenWest 2015. The slides are below:

CEF (C++)
If you would like to write a Chromium application in C++, you can start by downloading a nightly build (provided by Adobe). If you'd like to use Visual Studio, you can follow the steps in this tutorial:

How to Create a VS 2013 .sln for a nightly CEF Build
CEF Python
CEF Swig
It is also possible to use SWIG to create a CEF wrapper for use in Python. 

Why would you want to do this? Currently, CEFPython: 
  • Uses CEF revision 1650 (this is outdated; the current nightly build is on revision 2378)
  • Requires Python 2.

You'll probably want to change the taskbar icon for your application in Windows. You can create your own icons and do this easily by following these tutorials:

If you need to make a simple JSON service, it is easy to do with CherryPy.

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I am truly impressed with the project... do you know where i can get more Linux (ubuntu) related information and preferable with a panda3d mix would be awesome....

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