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How to Create a VS 2013 .sln for a nightly CEF Build

If you'd like to build the Chromium Embedded Framework (a wrapper for Chromium, for creating browser-based applications) using Visual Studio 2013, you can do so by following the below steps.

1. Get Visual Studio 2013 (I use the Community Edition because it's free).
2. Download a nightly CEF build.
3. Download CMake (Win32).
4. Extract your CEF files (e.g. cef_binary_3.2295.2040_windows32.7z, using 7-zip).
5. Open a command prompt and navigate to the extracted directory (containing a README.txt).
6. Run the following command:
cmake -G "Visual Studio 12"
7. Now you should have a cef.sln file in this directory. Open it with VS 2013!
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