JQuery Drop-Down Combo Box
Update, July 27, 2009
Alexis Morin has made some very nice updates to the code. He notes that there are still some minor fixes needed:

There is still 1 bug that completely boggles me (IE bug obviously): when the list button is clicked, the cursor does not focus properly in the input. The code is at line 99.

As far as I have tried, doing :


does work, but this is (for obvious reasons) not a viable solution. I also have tried to give it a time interval, added a sleep function, switched the code around, etc...

There is also a known issue with placing two DDComboBoxes on the same page (it doesn't work).

See a demo here
Download here  

If anyone is able to help with bugfixes, please contact Alexis or admin@simpletutorials.com

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Working Example
How it works
The combo box was made using multiple existing JQuery packages (Autocomplete, Ready, FlyDOM).
Development Stage
The code is still in development, and is very much alpha code. It has only been quickly tested in IE6 and FF 2.0.
Same as JQuery. (MIT/GPL)